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Kimra Schleicher
Kimra Schleicher is a Fantasy Football mystery. Outside of the game, the Indiana attorney is subdued and gentle. But Schleicher's performance on the Fantasy Football field is electrifying.

Within Schleicher's calm, analytical mind lives the fierce competitive instinct of a true fighter. And a fighter's ferocious ambition fueled her rise to the top.

Just two years after her first taste of the game in 2001, Schleicher began a relentless drive the fields of the cut-throat, high-stakes leagues in Las Vegas. She proved herself a stellar player, showing the male-dominated leagues that a woman could compete -- and win -- at the highest level.

In 2010, Schleicher achieved an unprecedented feat by placing two teams in a high stakes league in the top ten. To this day no player
Kimra Schleicher
Historical GPI Ranking: 8
2013 GPI Ranking: 44
YearEventTeam NameRecordChamp
2013FFWC2013The HEAT!7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters6-7-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters IV7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters II7-6-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters5-8-00
2013FFWC2013Indy Hitters4-9-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters III8-5-037
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters IV6-7-035
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters V8-5-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters II6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters I6-7-00
2012FFWC2012Indy Hitters LC7-6-00
2013FFPC2013Indy Hitters II8-3-0240
2013FFPC2013Indy Hitters I7-4-00
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters II6-5-0138
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters6-5-00
2012FFPC2012Indy Hitters2-9-00
2011FFPC2011Hitters 310-1-036
2011FFPC2011Hitters 23-8-00
2011FFPC2011KFFSC Champion5-6-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 7-6-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 8-5-00
2013NBC2013Indy Hitters 6-7-00
2012NBC2012Indy Hitters9-4-00
2012NBC2012Indy Hitters6-7-00
2011NBC2011Indy Hitters 29-4-058
2011NBC2011Indy Hitters9-4-00
2010WCOFF2010Indy Hitters7-4-03
2010WCOFF2010Indy Hitters8-3-09
2009WCOFF2009Indy Hitters8-3-00
2009WCOFF2009Indy Hitters5-6-00
2008WCOFF2008Indy Hitters8-3-00
2007WCOFF2007Indy Hitters4-7-00
2006WCOFF2006Indy Hitters3-8-00
2005WCOFF2005Indy Hitters10-1-06
2004WCOFF2004Indy Hitters4-7-00
2003WCOFF2003SI Leaguers7-4-010

If there is a missing contest result or you were a co-manager and are not listed with that team, email us and we will look into it.

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