TvTshow's Official Mock Draft (Round 1)
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TvTshow's Official Mock Draft (Round 1)

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Author's Comments

Hiya :), A big thank you, Goes out to anyone who visits this page out of interest for my mock draft, it means everything to me that someone could be interested in what I think, I truly appreciate it, this is my official mock draft days before it all goes down. my only rule has been no trades so, i'll be happily wrong with a lot of these picks, this is just to hypothetically say What would happen if every team was to stay in their original slot of the first round and with that being said, Let's Dig in :P

1 - HOU: Jadeveon Clowney, DE , South Carolina
Theres so Many Cards in play for HOU here. But the Talent level and value of Clowney end up forcing HOU's Hand at #1. HOU determining factor ironically is, IND, Division rivals who own Contractual rights to Andrew Luck for the foreseeable future. They have to figure out how to best deal with Luck for Long Term Success. Get a QB to match him? or a Pass Rusher to stop him? If i'm HOU at the end of the day, I want both, and because Pass Rushers are at a premium. i'd go DEF 1st and get the QB later.
2 - STL: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
One of the Truest facts of this draft is that, The most valued player avaliable in the draft is Sammy Watkins. Which is why his best fit seems like the team holding the most Value in the first round. Even if They need and probably want to take an OT, they have an equal/desire for more weapons, and could leverage a player that it seems everyone wants for even more value, should they find it Amicable. As Much potential as Greg Robinson Has, I think His Very Rawness pushes them in Watkins direction
3 - JAX: Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
I don't Envy JAX here. This is a New Ragime's first building block pick for this franchise. and it's not a pick that's just about winning. i think it's true every team wants to win. but you need to sell tickets and make money as well in order to do that. They go hand N hand. That's something most football guys don't get. That Win or Lose, it is an important factor to fill that stadium.Which Among other reasons, is the most important reason that barring a trade JAX will take Johnny Football
4 - CLE: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
My wildcard of the top 5. A lot of folks will think CLE is reaching, but they might I feel like they got a steal. I Think once Watkins goes off the board so will all bets for the teams with a dire need at QB. i think This is the QB CLE likes and i think that they know He won't make it to 25, and at the very least they would have to move back into the teens to Secure him if should they pass now, which shouldn't be necessary because If he's the guy for certain. Franchise QB trumps All other needs.
5 - OAK: Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
No matter how Valuable Khalil Mack is. i find it hard to believe that a team this bad, who draft specifically based on best player avaliable this high in the draft just to get more DEF depth when They've brought in Free Agents for so many of their open spots. They first need to Get consistant playmakers who can win them games before they start getting depth for them. Two of their Dire Needs, is OL and WR. Now you can't get both with one pick, but what you can do is get a WR with OT length Arms
6 - ATL: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn
I thing i see with ATL is that they're draft philosophy is usually a bit like Bill Polian, Former GM of the Colts, who constantly chose every chance he got to build around Payton Manning and would rarely take a Defensive player high. ATL views Matt Ryan in the same way, and while they've experienced enough pitfalls to understand the error in this strategy, and that they'd be happy to take Mack at #6 should that be the consensus in the war room. i can't see them not getting Ryan more help at #6.
7 - TB: Khalil Mack, LB , Buffalo
Something to consider is that, when that you let a perennial pro bowler like Donald Penn Go to OAK. Regardless of why, you officially have a dire need at LT. The kind of need that overrides any wants that TB might have. Other than that, Mack is a GameChanger, that would make TB's Already Nearly Elite Defense Really special. and while Elite LT's are avaliable and can't be ignored by a HC with a need and history of failure primary due to Bad protection, This difference maker is the difference at 7
8 - MIN: Aaron Donald, DL , Pittsburgh
The Feeling that i'm starting to get is that Mike Zimmer is gradually starting to see the value in taking an aaron donald, who some People think can potentially be the next Warren Sapp or Geno Atkins Athletically, and if you end up getting anything anywhere inbetween those two from a player, you might have the best pick in the draft, and if MIN can get Sharrif Floyd going, this DEF could get back to a level the likes of when They Dominated in the interior with the Williams Twins in the middle.
9 - BUF: Eric Ebron, TE, North Carolina
I can talk for hours about My love for this front office. What i love the most is they seem to get it. BUF got their QB last year in EJ, and immediately after Getting EJ they went back up next round and got Robert Woods. What's often misunderstood is when you have a QB in the fold, who at least has a skillset to start in the NFL. the most important thing after that is to coach and get more talent around him and his talents.BUF Gets it and seem hellbent on putting even more talent around him at 9
10 - DET: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State
DET couldnt finish games, the negative of critics as well as DET's Biggest selling point to it's fanbase. They were in or led 7 of their losses in the 4th qtr and could not seal the deal. Well DET might be surprised to know that one of the big contributing factors to staying in games and defending leads is actually something called, Pass DEF and when you have strength in the backend, it makes your team better. Now because DETs is so weak, they have no choice but to take the best DB on the board.
11 - TEN: Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
TEN won't make any Huge Strides in this division in 1 year, i think they know that. TEN's most Dire need is Defining themselves, Finding a player that symbolizes who they are as a football team, a franchise face. I think The best Case in their mind, is Jake Locker becoming that player. i figure they'd want to see what he has before Going any further with him. He's going to need to be that guy, if they want to win this year. Who better to help him make the jump than, a 2nd generation Matthews OL?
12 - NYG: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan
For a team with a Desire/need for a Big Nasty Mean OT, and a Historic Reputation of taking the best player on the board regardless of position. They'd be Ecstatic to get both in 1 pick. it's the biggest no brainer of the draft for Floyd Reese to take Lewan. the perfect fit if there ever was one. He just seems like a player from Tom Coughlins dreams. and given Eli's recent newly renovated protection plan, He's the Dream Selection for a franchise who prides itself in physicality at the line at 12.
13 - STL: Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix, FS, Alabama
i'm probably one of the Few who disagree with Most analyst pertaining to the STL and their 2 selections in the first round. While i do agree with the idea that they need to improve OL and their protection. I also think that Roger Saffold, is a pretty good player when healthy. I may actually be the last person in the world to remember that, and i'm also of the mindset that protection comes in a lot of different unique forms, one of those forms of protection is in the backend with this pick at 19.
14 - CHI: C.J. Mosley, OLB, Alabama
While it's true they could do well taking a 3 technique here, and they stand to sit at 14 with the 2 best at that position on the board still. let's get real here, while it's true that they do have a lot of issues defensively, what honestly was the most obvious hole last year? the fact that they let Urlacher go. The fact that on the last play of the season they didn't have a guy that could get everyone lined up in the right position. If for nothing more than future reference, they need that guy.
15 - PIT: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
To be fair, this Could be Justin Gilbert, The Decision at 10 is that close and tough to me, but Regardless PIT's issues live on the outside, which is ironic for a team that has made their living being tough and hard hitting inside, and now in a division that is growing in WR talent with both AJ green and Josh Gordon, their longtime strength has now become their weakness. and they either need weapons that can keep up with everyone else, or they'll need protection from those weapons in the backend
16 - BAL: Zack Martin, OT, Notre Dame
The Blindside is literally gone for BAL.This is a team that is seemingly struggled to protect Joe Flacco, not simply because of bad Pass Protection, but because they also struggled to run the ball, Despite having one of the more elite RB's in the game. Now in order to fix these offensive issues BAL could attack skill positions, or They could help both improve by getting more physical at the line. Not sure they know whether he'll replace The Blindside, But He'll certainly make them meaner though.
17 - DAL: Anthony Barr, LB, UCLA
i'm not sure that people notice that DAL is in a rebuilding phase. i think that just the mere fact that they can have a conversation about possibly trading up to take a QB right now, says all you need to know about this teams situation, and the sad part about it is, i'm not sure their owner/GM even recognizes what they look like right now, i'm personally hoping that it's more to the fact that he doesn't care. and that he's gonna do what he needs to at 17 to win, and that means rebuilding the DEF
18 - NYJ: Odell Beckham, WR , LSU
This is Officially Idziks show now, and all the lights of broadway are on him. it's the last year of the draft being in NYC. we'll learn in the first 18 picks what this guy is really made of. With so many Flavors of WR on the board, NYJ has to be careful about getting the right one for them. Everything taken into consideration include system, competition, QB play, it should all make the difference in the Huge Decision for an organization who needs a Consistantly Reliable presence on the outside.
19 - MIA: Xavier Su'a-Filo, OL , UCLA
Remember that this organization, not 1 offseason ago, decided to not resign all 3 of their Team Captains, Guys that were pretty good players too. One of them, an elite OT by the name of Jake Long. They then traded up in the draft to take an OLB knowing they still had holes on the OL, Only by some gods grace were they able to convince Albert, they were a good fit. This Front Office deserves everything it has coming. They're still so weak up front, they're basically forced to fill the G spot at 19
20 - ARI: Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville
This is likely the Dream scenario For a HC, who was in IND, and has seen Bob Sanders play, and knows the value of having a hard hitting safety, it's particularly even better for a team in a hard hitting division, who both OFF and DEF just needs 1 or 2 more pieces and 1 or 2 more wins to be in the playoffs. Just stop for a second, an imagine a Secondary with Peterson, Mathieu, and Pryor. When i picture that talentwise, I see Ballhawks that can hit, and Possibly even the best secondary in the NFL
21 - GB: Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Florida State
This Pick will Depend on What Side of the Ball GB wants to attack.GB has well documented issues Getting Stops on 3rd down against mobile QB's. Their pass rushers don't even have time to get to the Qb's they're out of the pocket so fast vs GB. But i mock them picking Benjamin last minute, not simply because of their needs at WR but because they also have needs at TE as well. They could take Benjamin, move him around, create mismatches and if he isn't a effective WR put him inside and on a Safety.
22 - PHI: Ryan Shazier, LB , Ohio State
PHI's Objective is Improving Their Pass DEF. Both in Rushing and in Coverage. The kinds of issues that PHI has in this area aren't of the variety that you can fix with 1 pick. PAss DEF improvment is a Goal Set to accomplish through this entire draft. they likely need more than one player to do it. But with They're first pick, i assume they'll look to get a player that can assist in proverbially killing two birds with one stone. Placing an athlete like this in the Chip Kelly program fits the bill
23 - KC: Brandin Cooks, WR , Oregon State
i imagine that KC at 23 is a area in the draft, that is genuinely set, depending on how the value falls down to them. in other words, despite the confidence crisis that this DEF might be having right now, i genuinely don't think they have a problem taking the best player on the board, Regardless of where he plays. in this Particular Scenario Andy Reid Gets His Desean Jackson type Receiver at 23. it gives Alex Smith, a unique lil toy to play with when it comes to throwing screens or bubble routes
24 - CIN: Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville
I personally Can't think of a Better way to inform Andy Dalton How much money he's really worth than taking a QB in the first round. Especially considering that, The first round is as far as CIN has gotten in the playoff's with Andy Dalton at QB. let's be honest, They are literally a QB away from Competing for a Super Bowl, and simply because Andy Dalton is the QB, i can't imagine anyone being able to honestly call them Contenders. What other holes do they Genuinely have on the team Besides QB?
25 - SD: Jason Verrett, CB , TCU
Let me make this clear: Any one of these Corners Could be gone by 10, i think scouts are that split on their opinions of these CB's avaliable. Rivers looked like he needed some help but, I think that a lot of Scouting Departments are going to get lost and carried away with all the Athleticism in this draft class, and all it's gonna do is leave SD at 25 but a darn good football player and there couldn't be a better good football player left at 25 for a team in the same division as Payton Manning.
26 - CLE: Marqise Lee, WR , USC
I appreciate the media effort to convince me, teams in the NFL actually believes that there are over 15 players that are more talented, and have more value than Marquise Lee, it's debateable to me whether there is 9 that are even as talented. But a player like him falling, is something that i just have to see. When you know that if he entered a year ago he would've been 1 of the first 5 taken, i don't know how you don't take him a year later at 26. it truely does seem like too much value for me.
27 - NO: Darqueze Dennard, CB , Michigan State
I'm not Certainly Exactly What NOLA is going to do at 27, the only thing i'm certain of is that their going to have a lot of options. Now, They gotta know that DEF inside that Division They were let off the hook a bit, by the lost of players like Julio Jones. They won't have the same good fortune of not having to cover a player like him next season, so NO should look to continue building up their physicality in the backend especially given if a player of this caliber is on the board at this pick
28 - CAR: Cyrus Kouandjio, OL , Alabama
I'll Try to temper my rage when talking about CAR. Who has some nerve doing what they've done to Cam Newton, When as a Young QB He is on the cusp of taking this team to heights they've never been before, and it seems weird when this occurs that CAR feels like Emptying all of their WR as well as OL talent, and lowering themselves to a vulnerable level competitively. It must end now. Both the fanbase, as well as Cam should demand that this front office do something to show a commitment to winning.
29 - NE: Bradley Roby, CB , Ohio State
Bill Belichick is Gonna live up to Reputation Here at 29. Of course the natual assumption that you'd have is that NE Would Have the Urge to move back and out, especially with Calls for bortles pouring in. But again Remember that Bill also has a reputation for Taking on Talented little project and taking a kid under his wing, Especially when his team had a hard time in the playoffs Keeping pace with DEN, who clearly had too many weapons for NE to handle and cover when they played, they need help.
30 - SF: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB , Nebraska
This team's window is silently starting to leak, particularly with the holes they have on the outside of both sides of the ball. The 1 Negative that i see about all the trade up for a WR talk for SF is not only that, if it doesn't happen it'll be a complete let down, but also that it completely undervalues the need they have at CB. while a prt of me, believes this team might need the jolt of energy. Another part in me says,They need to be happy just getting a clean football player at this point.
31 - DEN: Marcus Martin, G , USC
The Older a Payton Manning Becomes The more of an Effort it becomes to prolong his career. i suspect that DEN is going to want to make Every Single Effort possible to make a Run at making this Happen. Because of that, i believe the value of a Ryan Clady Who can never get on the field falls to the wayside and makes Players like this, so late in the first round that much more Valuable. I'm not sure DEN can ever have enough OL, in fact, They may want to rotate guys in to Keeping #18's Jersey clean.
32 - SEA: Ra'Shede Hageman, DL , Minnesota
The way the rules of the draft are set, unless a top 15-20 type player drops to 32 there's almost no way that a superbowl champion will stay, it not only gives you value to trade, but it's also cheaper. luckily in this scenario, That's exactly what happens. If SEA stays something to note is the tough call they have Really needing DL Depth but also having lost 2 of those long corners in that Legion of Boom and They really need Replacements at some point for both. This makes that decision Easier.

User Comments

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 7:06 PM
Excellent -- Interesting. I may not agree with all of your picks, but I value your take on things especially since you included good explanations. good job
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 10:22 PM
Above Average -- I think you maybe off on a few picks; but I like your comments backing up your picks..Nice Job
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 1:09 AM
Above Average -- You get extra credit for thorough commentary, and I differ on several picks, but at least you are not trying to be a carbon mock like many people who pick what they hear Mel Kiper say..(he's usually way off anyways..) Love comments on Bills but not Ebron.
Thursday, May 8, 2014 12:19 AM
Above Average -- Great draft. Hope eagles take Lee or Shazier
Thursday, May 8, 2014 5:35 AM
Excellent -- Great Commentary! The selections are like opinions, everyone has their own and few agree. I'm a HUGE Steeler Fan and I think Fuller at 15 is a reach, so if 1-14 play out this way I can't see them passing on Darqueze Dennard. Great Job just the same!!!

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