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User Comments for Week 3 DEF Rankings

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FFToolbox had St Louis ranked high pre-season, so I grabbed them in draft. They have not been great. I don't want to give up on them, but Minn defense going up against not good Cleveland and then backup QB starting...its almost to good to be true. St Louis Defense or Minn defense?

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/18/13 01:18 PM

I have a defense question too. Two games: NE vs TB and NYJ vs KC. I have Pats and Jets DEF. Most sites, but ESPN, recommend Pats. ESPN recommends Jets. Not sure on what to call here.

Posted by:
MarauderMan 09/18/13 02:59 PM

@WBosco, I'd pick up Minnesota for this week and leave St. Louis on your bench. (I wouldn't drop St. Louis outright, but it depends on how deep your league is and who else you have.)

@MarauderMan, NYJ plays BUF not KC. I think as the year goes on, the Bills offense is going to keep getting better (as EJ Manuel improves) and the Bucs offense is going to keep getting worse (as things implode around Josh Freeman). My gut says New England.

Posted by:
lsrubin 09/18/13 06:55 PM

Thanks Isrubin! Its only a 6 team league...I'm almost confident I could drop st Louis and get them them playing 3rd string QB AND Richardson leaving...yikes...ugly...big points for MN Def! Good luck to you!

Posted by:
WBosco10 09/18/13 08:18 PM

Minnesota D should be ranked a lot higher... the Brown's QB, top WR, and top RB (likely MacGahee) have had very little reps with the first team. And they stunk before that anyway.

Also I picked up StL thanks to this site... it's a 12 team league and I dropped them. In a 6 team league there is NO reason to hang on to that D. I am streaming D's that play either Jax, Cle, or NYJ.

Posted by:
nikpeta31 09/19/13 11:54 AM

In a 12 man PPR league. I have Cinn Def and I don't like them for this week. New Orleans D is available. Do I Pick up NO or play Cinn?

Posted by:
easydano 09/19/13 12:30 PM

@nikpeta, it's worth noting that the FFToolbox defense rankings do not factor in Points Allowed. But most fantasy leagues do. So, for example, Vegas is currently projecting BUF (vs NYJ) and NO (vs ARI) to allow about 20 points each, but MIN (vs CLE) is projected to allow 17. And that difference is NOT accounted for in these rankings. That's probably enough to move MIN up to #5 or so (instead of #8 where FFToolbox currently has them).

Posted by:
lsrubin 09/19/13 05:20 PM

Currently in a 14-team standard league. I have the Cleveland Defense (drafted them). Currently available are the: Carolina, Jets, San Diego, Colts and Bucs defenses.

Would you recommend dropping Cleveland for any of those for Sunday's matchups, or sticking with the Browns?

Posted by:
drumbum811 09/20/13 11:11 AM

Where does one find the factors for FFToolbox's rankings? From the comment by Isrubin - "it's worth noting that the FFToolbox defense rankings do not factor in Points Allowed. But most fantasy leagues do..."

Like most here, I've figured out most of the nuances to this site for customization, but this one took me by surprise. I've played fantasy for almost 10 years across many platforms - CBS, ESPN, NFL, Yahoo, and more - and points allowed has always been scored. But, I digress...

Where can I locate this information on FFToolbox? Did I miss it in customizing my own rankings? Is it even an option? Thanks for any help!

Posted by:
runirwinrun 09/20/13 05:11 PM

Hey runirwinrun, if you go into "Edit League Scoring Settings," you'll see that you can set fantasy point values for most defensive stats, but not Points Allowed.

I made a scoring system called "test" where I left all the possible defensive stats as "Not Used" -- sacks, fumbles, interceptions, TDs, safeties, etc. When I checked the rankings, lo and behold, all the defenses were projected at 0.0 fantasy points. So no, there is no "hidden" Points Allowed value; the projection you see is based solely on the stats you can customize, and again, Points Allowed is not one of those stats.

This was bothering me, and I'm a huge nerd, so I figured out a rough way to model it. After poking around, I found out a couple things: (1) the standard deviation of NFL scores is about 10 points, and (2) NFL scores are pretty close to normally distributed once you group them into 6-7 point "blocks." (See

From that, I used my leagues' scoring settings, and the Vegas projections from to adjust the FFToolbox projections for my leagues. (For example, Seattle is projected to allow about 11 points this week, which I estimate to be worth +4.1 fantasy points in one of my leagues, and +3.8 in the other.)

I'd be happy to go into more detail about how exactly I calculate this, although my model is far from perfect and this probably isn't the best forum for it.

With that aside, I strongly encourage the FFToolbox editors to come up with a way to project Points Allowed and allow users to customize their fantasy point values -- or at the very least, be more transparent about the fact that Points Allowed is NOT taken into account. This is an amazing site in many ways (told me to draft C.J. Spiller and Randall Cobb last year, woohoo!) but this one is sorely lacking IMHO.

Posted by:
lsrubin 09/21/13 11:22 PM

Isrubin - Thanks a million for the insight! I appreciate someone with what appears to be sound logic explaining a possible solution - a workaround. I'll tackle it during the Sunday night game this week - I have no interest in seeing Cutler succeed, haha.

Also, I'd just like to echo your thoughts for those FFToolbox folks that may or may not be reading - please try to either incorporate Points Allowed for defensive scoring and/or make it an option for custom league creation. Perhaps a poll of your registered users would reveal this and/or other nuances that people would like to see in the site?

Thanks to everyone!

Posted by:
runirwinrun 09/22/13 10:41 AM
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