User Comments for Week 2 QB Rankings
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User Comments for Week 2 QB Rankings

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With 3 Denver WRs projected in the top 12, and the #2 TE, Peyton Manning should be projected to score more than he did in Week 1. I think you've got to drop a couple of those receivers down in the ranks.

Posted by:
Autodidact70 09/10/13 01:50 PM

Putting Kaepernick, the #2 overall fantasy scorer last week, at #18QB behind the likes of Josh Freeman, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, and Carson Palmer just highlights the ineptitude of whoever is in charge of the rankings for this site.

Posted by:
neutralmilk 09/10/13 02:20 PM

Kaepernick at #18...!!! WoW... That's ridiculous...

Posted by:
rickynewport 09/10/13 03:03 PM

Were these pulled out of thin air? Pryor apparently is going to have less points than QBs that arent even playing, and is at 34 lol. unreal.

Posted by:
ckates7 09/10/13 03:23 PM

You four ^ should have your own site. If your that good why are you here looking for help?

Posted by:
dotbigdan 09/10/13 04:00 PM

49ers fan, but even I realize Kaepernick is about to go into Seattle arguably vs. the Best D in the league - don't expect big numbers like last week... me think Seattle D is a little tougher than GB secondary !

Posted by:
swim_ny 09/10/13 04:36 PM

@dotbigdan, my statement is common sense bro.

Posted by:
ckates7 09/10/13 05:27 PM

He's right, these rankings were NOT supposed to be released. The code ran early. Our apologies gang. Hang tight, the updated rankings are almost finished!

Posted by:
teamlegacy2 09/10/13 05:51 PM

@Dotbigdan... I don't come here for help dude.. Just for the news articles on the players. I read the rankings strictly for entertainment purposes...

@ Swim_NY... People said the same thing last year when Kaepernick played Seattle. I don't think he will put up numbers like he did against the Packers but I bet he finishes in the top 10 amongst QBs...

Posted by:
rickynewport 09/10/13 06:09 PM

please fix RETurner rankings, thanks!

Posted by:
neyel8r 09/10/13 10:11 PM

Last week and this week when I try to click DL, LB, or DB to see the weekly rankings it goes to the QB tab.

Posted by:
xrayjr83 09/10/13 10:42 PM

I have Kaepernick and Romo. I guarantee you there is no way I am starting Romo over Kapernick, Weird rankings this week, but I still think this is the best fantasy site!

Posted by:
DallasKing 09/11/13 01:02 AM

No IDP rankings again this week??? Y'all killing me man!!!

Posted by:
patrickg 09/11/13 06:19 AM

Where are the IDP rankings?

Posted by:
asmith233 09/11/13 08:06 AM

please fix IDP rankings!

Posted by:
neyel8r 09/11/13 08:56 AM

who do I start RGlll or Kaepernick

Posted by:
hotwire1953 09/11/13 01:31 PM

Thanks for all you guys do at FFToolbox! Sorry about the people commenting that are being rude and acting entitled. I could tell some of the rankings were messed up at first, and that some rankings were coming out later than others. I was hoping your other readers would have been a bit more civilized in pointing it out to you, but alas there are rude people everywhere. RockON!

Posted by:
rahhbriley 09/11/13 02:15 PM

Please fix the links to the rankings. ALL the defensive rankings link to QB.

Posted by:
kmorrisesq2 09/11/13 06:54 PM

It's almost Thursday and rankings still aren't fixed???

Posted by:
rickydeez 09/11/13 08:20 PM

To whom it may concern. Will you be offering weekly idp rankings this year?

Posted by:
smitty42 09/11/13 09:23 PM

what's up with the idp rankings guys, clicking to sort them out brings us to qb rankings. Thx for the site!

Posted by:
Easywolf32 09/11/13 11:05 PM

Thanks so much for getting the IDP's up!!

Posted by:
m3mphi5 09/12/13 01:17 AM


Posted by:
rickydeez 09/12/13 01:38 AM

Miller in front of Gore - seriously now?

Posted by:
49erstina 09/12/13 02:47 AM

Why no love for RGIII? I know he is still playing his way back, but he will throw a ton if they get down early and the GB secondary without Burnett is suspect.

Posted by:
BombVark 09/12/13 11:10 AM

FFL Toolbx says play Freeman over Dalton. You guys like that? Any comments? I know my 2 choices suck. But what the hell.. Freeman or Dalton?

Posted by:
Cabotom 09/12/13 11:51 AM

I think Freeman vs New Orleans is a better play than Dalton vs Pittsburgh. Steeler D is still good even though their offense is in terrible shape.

My dilemma is Newton or Luck. I figured Newton is playing Buffalo, he's a must-start...but FFToolbox ranks Luck higher. Thoughts?

Posted by:
lsrubin 09/12/13 02:14 PM

Who should i start this week ? who will have better number

Stafford,Matthew vs Arz

Posted by:
uwright 09/12/13 02:42 PM

Please fix the returner slot. Its showing the QBs

Posted by:
a2dmfnj 09/12/13 03:47 PM

I think Matt Schaub should be on this list?

Posted by:
LA DRIPPEN 09/12/13 05:07 PM

.. higher on the lsit :)

Posted by:
LA DRIPPEN 09/12/13 05:08 PM

flex spot geno smith or ben roethlisberger

Posted by:
criffrock 09/12/13 06:32 PM

Russell Wilson or Carson Palmer?

Posted by:
Pc504no 09/13/13 02:31 PM

can you guys fix the RETurner rankings? it keeps taking me to QBs.... thanks!

Posted by:
neyel8r 09/14/13 12:12 AM

kapernick had trouble with the sea def last year, so ranking is correct

Posted by:
shaqking 09/14/13 10:13 AM

+1 for the return yards...2nd week in a row they are not available...

Posted by:
ags4life 09/14/13 03:08 PM

should have kept kapernick @ 18, lol. got his @$$ kicked

Posted by:
kutmulc 09/16/13 09:45 AM
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