2012 Experts Mock Draft (August) Results: FantasySharks.com
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Experts Mock Draft Results: FantasySharks.com


Drafter: Tony Holm


2012 Experts Mock Draft (August)

Draft took place Aug 14 - 24

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.12 FantasySharks.com Maurice Jones-Drew RB OAK 29 6
I like how MJD has been falling. Sure he would like a new contract and maybe he'll get some concessions but this smells more like a vet posturing while enjoying not having to go through training camp. I hope..
2 2.01 FantasySharks.com Drew Brees QB NO 35 11
Sorry all, did not realize I was up. Will update analysis later.
3 3.12 FantasySharks.com Jordy Nelson WR GB 28 4
If I knew Stafford would be sitting here at 3.12 (for the first time in any draft I've been in) I wouldn't have taken Brees. Jordy Nelson is the little engine that could and it doesn't hurt being Aaron Rodgers' #1 target either.
4 4.01 FantasySharks.com Mike Wallace WR MIA 27 3
I'm going with the "all contract squabble" team in this draft and drafting for super value. If they all sign, I win! I wish it were that easy. Mike Wallace has talent, is fast, Ben Roethlisberger can throw a nice deep ball, advantage Wallace.
5 5.12 FantasySharks.com Aaron Hernandez TE --- 24 2
If Tom Brady is involved, it usually means solid numbers for anyone receiving the ball. Hernandez is as good as they come and will be relied upon to help move the chains in the Patriots offense. I don't like to draft a TE early this year but to my eye, Hernandez has fallen in this draft and represents good value here rolling into the 6th round.
6 6.01 FantasySharks.com Shonn Greene RB TEN 28 3
RB is about to disappear completely so I'd like to get one while I still can. A couple of choices here but Greene I believe has some upside if the Jets finally get down to running the ball. I would have drafted 2 RB's here but the Hernandez selection before this was just too tempting.
7 7.12 FantasySharks.com Beanie Wells RB --- 25 3
Running backs are hard to come by this year so you have to gamble here and there. Beanie Wells is coming off a solid year, had some minor'ish surgery this off-season and has a brand sparkling new rookie to contend with at the position. But somehow, I still like him as a fantasy player. Go figure.
8 8.01 FantasySharks.com Eli Manning QB NYG 33 8
This pick is a little easier for me to digest in a best-ball format like this having already drafted Drew Brees. Manning will have his big days and between the two, I feel pretty good about having my quarterback position nailed down.
9 9.12 FantasySharks.com Jason Witten TE DAL 31 9
I'll gamble. Like any player with potential spleen surgery as a negative they should fall in a draft but right now, nothing is definite beyond him resting and then evaluating. My gamble is he misses a game or two tops and then I have a top TE contributing to my team for the remainder of the season.
10 10.01 FantasySharks.com Justin Blackmon WR JAX 24 R
He and Gabbert have looked sharp in preseason play. He may start off slow but expect Blackmon to start having some big games mid-season.
11 11.12 FantasySharks.com Sidney Rice WR --- 27 5
A resurgence is possible for the veteran Rice. He needs to stay healthy but if Matt Flynn delivers, Rice has a strong shot at regaining some luster.
12 12.01 FantasySharks.com Mike Williams WR BUF 26 2
I'm a fan. I believe Williams will have plenty of success as a #2 WR in an offense I believe will have a lot more success than last year.
13 13.12 FantasySharks.com James Starks RB GB 28 2
Shy on running backs, I need to grab when I can. I'm not a big fan of this selection but this late, I'll take the turf-toed, mediocre James Starks who is on a pass first team and is facing real competition from Cedric Benson. Sigh.
14 14.01 FantasySharks.com Daniel Thomas RB MIA 26 1
No whammies! I still feel like I need to pad at RB so I'll throw Daniel Thomas into the mix. Reggie Bush isn't exactly renowned for his ability to stay healthy and Thomas has come in stronger and healthier this year.
15 15.12 FantasySharks.com David Akers PK DET 39 14
I like jumping in and grabbing Akers early this year and I've accomplished it here too.
16 16.01 FantasySharks.com Tim Tebow QB --- 26 2
I wouldn't draft Tebow in anything but a best ball league which this happens to be. I get his multiple rushing TD days and if the Jets struggle, New York fans will not stop till Tebow gets a chance. Late round gamble.
17 17.12 FantasySharks.com Lamar Miller RB MIA 22 R
I now own the most Reggie Bush backups in this league. I smell championship.
18 18.01 FantasySharks.com Dan Bailey PK DAL 26 1
The Cowboys should score points and a friendly home stadium to kick in. Works for me.
19 19.12 FantasySharks.com Denver Defense Def DEN    
20 20.01 FantasySharks.com Cincinnati Defense Def CIN    
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