2012 Experts Mock Draft (August) Results: DraftSharks.com
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Experts Mock Draft Results: DraftSharks.com


Drafter: Matt Schauf


2012 Experts Mock Draft (August)

Draft took place Aug 14 - 24

Scoring System:
12 Fantasy Sites square off with PPR scoring
20 rounds
Starters of 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1K, and 1DEF


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Ovr Pick Franchise Selection Pos. Team Age Exp.
1 1.06 DraftSharks.com Darren McFadden RB OAK 26 4
I'd take Chris Johnson in a regular management league. Draftmasters mitigates the injury risk, though. McFadden's ceiling is No. 1 at the position.
2 2.07 DraftSharks.com Darren Sproles RB PHI 30 7
In 18 games last year, including playoffs, Sproles fell short of 5 catches just 4 times -- and short of 4 only twice. The RB cliff is unpleasant this year.
3 3.06 DraftSharks.com Marshawn Lynch RB SEA 27 5
I'll go RB-RB-RB for the second time this draft season. Lynch gets the slight edge over FredJax because he doesn't have CJ Spiller around. The fact that he's my 3rd runner mitigates the suspension risk. It also gives me 3 potential top 6 backs. The other positions are plenty deep enough to make this work.
4 4.07 DraftSharks.com Miles Austin WR --- 29 6
If the hammy is still a problem 2 weeks from now, I'll worry more. I'll take the chance, though, on Romo's top receiver.
5 5.06 DraftSharks.com Michael Vick QB NYJ 33 11
I almost took him last turn, so what the heck? The format obviously gives me all the ups while downplaying the downs. I think Vick is a strong value at this stage in regular leagues, too, though. He already showed that his per-game ceiling is likely higher than anyone else's at the position. (Yeah, I'm talking to you, Cam. Go pretend to rip your shirt open somewhere else.)
6 6.07 DraftSharks.com Robert Meachem WR NO 29 5
The talent has always been there. The accurate, consistent QB is still there (though a different one). Now Meachem adds opportunity under a coach who has said he believes strongly in the former Saint.
7 7.06 DraftSharks.com Fred Davis TE WAS 28 4
I don't like the fit of any WR here, so I'll go for a high-upside TE instead of reaching there. It doesn't seem like Davis is drawing raves this preseason, but he was top-5 before his suspension last year despite having Rex Grossman and John Beck at QB.
8 8.07 DraftSharks.com Malcom Floyd WR SD 32 8
I don't like Floyd in a lineup-setting format -- especially with Meachem already in tow. I'll take his big games with Philip Rivers here, though. The combo serves as fantasy insurance with a passing game that doesn't have too many down weeks.
9 9.06 DraftSharks.com Lance Moore WR PIT 30 7
Meachem's departure should only help Moore's snap total. His red-zone value with Drew Brees doesn't need any help. I'll take him as a WR3 regardless of format. WR4? Even better.
10 10.07 DraftSharks.com Rashad Jennings RB NYG 29 3
This year's Ben Tate ... at least.
11 11.06 DraftSharks.com Greg Olsen TE CAR 29 5
Dustin Keller and Owen Daniels would be more attractive for setting a weekly lineup, because I think they'll deliver receptions more consistently. Olsen brings big scoring upside, though, especially with Jeremy Shockey gone.
12 12.07 DraftSharks.com Jon Baldwin WR SF 24 1
There certainly figure to be some big weeks out of this inconsistent, talented second-year guy.
13 13.06 DraftSharks.com Matt Cassel QB MIN 31 7
I'd make a point to grab a Vick backup earlier in a lineup-setting league, but there's no reason to here ... no matter what kind of demand these other guys try to fabricate.
14 14.07 DraftSharks.com Jahvid Best RB --- 25 2
Clearly no one can count on Best at this point. But there's little risk in taking a chance at RB5 that he's ready to play after a PUP stint. The upside is a top-10 PPG guy in PPR.
15 15.06 DraftSharks.com Philadelphia Defense Def PHI    
The pass rush and the corners give this D so much fantasy upside.
16 16.07 DraftSharks.com Terrell Owens WR --- 40 16
Getcha popcorn ready.
17 17.06 DraftSharks.com Mark Sanchez QB PHI 27 3
I'm making this pick only so that I can laugh at Tony Holm in season ... or because I think the fantasy landscape seems to be misreading the Tebow situation. The Jets pumped a lot of money into Sanchez this offseason and asked Tebow to bulk up. He has shown in preseason that he still can't throw. The only way Tebow takes over as Jets starter is if Sanchez gets hurt. Sanchez, meanwhile, is good for several big games a year -- especially because he's the Jets' goal-line back.
18 18.07 DraftSharks.com Nate Kaeding PK --- 32 8
19 19.06 DraftSharks.com Seattle Defense Def SEA    
Bruce Irvin and Jason Jones add pass-rush upside. Leon Washington is a constant return threat. The secondary is young and good.
20 20.07 DraftSharks.com Rian Lindell PK TB 37 12
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