Rotobowl - Summary

Welcome to the 10th Annual Rotobowl Tournament hosted by The largest league prizes in the industry for a mid-stakes entry. Congratulations to last season's Rotobowl Champion - Ken Tyson, who walked away with over $27,000!

This year, there are again, 3 options for drafts. Online drafts, online slow-drafts and Live Drafts in Las Vegas.

  • The LIVE Events Schedule has already been released and Rotobowl Leagues will again be offered LIVE in The Mirage Hotel and Casino on NFL Opening Weekend September 5th-6th.
  • The online draft dates and times for the 2014 RotoBowl Tournament will be released soon.
  • Online slow-drafts drafts will be available as well and draft the next day upon being filled.

If you're looking for lower entry fee leagues see our ($99) Draft-n-Gos or our ($175) Qualifiers to Win a Seat at the Main Event

If you're looking for higher stakes and even more action, see our Fantasy Football World Championship

Entry Fee: $279 to Play
Discount? 1st Time Depositors on DraftKings earn $20 off per team. Email


$25,000 Grand Prize - $2,150 in League Prizes.

Reg Season: 13 wks-Wks 1-2 Top 6 Win, Bottom 6 Lose Why? Wks3-13 Play all teams once.
Total Max # of Teams: 1008 - 552 teams competed in 2013.
Draft Style: Serpentine
Starting Lineup: 11-man starting lineup: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex players (RB, WR, or TE), 1 PK, 1 Team Defense/Special team.
Scoring System: See scoring system under Scoring
Trading: No trading is allowed
Playoff Format: After wk 13, the top 4 teams qualify for the Rotobowl postseason in this order:
Team #1: Team with the Best Win Loss Record. (tie breaker is Total Points)
Team #2: Team with most total points. (other than team 1)
Team #3: Team with next best Win Loss Record. (other than teams 1 & 2)
Team #4: Team with most total points (other than Team 1, 2 and 3)
Teams that Make the Playoffs: 1. Any team that ties with the best record in their league during the regular season and does not qualify as one of the four automatic entries.

2. Top Ten percent of all teams that have the most total points scored. Example: 1008 total teams = Any team in top 100.8 (101) after week 13 would qualify as a Wildcard Team.

Championship: Total points from week 14 through week 16 of teams that make the playoffs (plus average team score from regular season).

Blind Bid Free Agency: Wednesdays: Open to all available free agent players.
Fridays: Open to all available free agent players – not to players dropped on Wednesday.
Bidding starts after week 1 of the NFL season and the last bidding is between NFL week12 and week 13. Players cut after NFL week 10 can not be re-acquired by any team in that league.